The Oxymorons – Dancing On Billy’s Grave – 1993

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The Oxymorons – Dancing On Billy’s Grave – 1993
The Oxymorons - Dancing On Billy's GraveThe Oxymorons - Dancing On Billy's Grave - Back CoverThe Oxymorons - Dancing On Billy's Grave - InsertThe Oxymorons - Dancing On Billy's Grave - CD

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The Oxymorons – Dancing On Billy’s Grave

This was Mutant Renegade’s one and only CD release. Way back when it cost over $4 each to produce a CD. I heard we were the first label in the area to release a CD. They sold really well, but unfortunately the Oxymorons stopped playing not long after this was released.

Dancing On Billy’s Grave – 1993

Day Of Reckoning
Walking Behind You
Diner Song
Little Man Hate
Yes I P.C.
Nothing To Feel Bad About
Taoist Lumberjack
What It Felt Like
Johnette Napolitano / Tried
Unearthing Your Grave
White Funk Wagon
Walking Backwards
Smashing Sour Grapes
First Time Today

 Band Information
Ben Schelker – Vocals / Guitar
Patric Jones – Vocals / Guitar / Keyboards
Grog (Greg Simerlink) – Bass
Nick Atkinson – Drums
About the Oxymorons!

Recorded in 1992 & 1993 at Mars Studio In Cleveland, OH and Cybertechnics Studios in Dayton, OH

Reviews of The Oxymorons – Dancing On Billy’s Grave – 1993

“Catchy, melodic songs…” – Round Flat Records, Buffalo, NY “Ben Schelker is a talented songwriter/lyricist with the ability to write rock hard hooks and turn a phrase or cliche into something beautiful…” - Trap Door Press, Dayton, OH

“Filled with ripping energy. This is the best thing to come out of Ohio since…well…uh…This is the best thing to come out of Ohio.” - Cake, Minneapolis, MN

“This disc kicks hard from start to finish with dynamite songs and sheer intensity.” - Baby Sue Music Review, Decatur, GA

“This 19 -track CD bristles with brash irreverence and youthful intensity, retaining the band’s rough edges with its ‘live in the studio’-sounding production. Essentially lean, punk-influenced power pop, played at full-throttle frenzy.” - Dayton Daily News, Dayton, OH

“Forget the vastly overrated Breeders, the real sound of Dayton, Ohio, today can be heard in the…of Guided by Voices and the dismembered ‘Mats roll of The Oxymorons.” - Opition, Santa Monica, CA

“…The Oxymorons bring you this 19 song CD with enough variety and quality to actually listen to a 19 song CD! – Hectic Times, Santa Cruz, CA

“These guys ought to be local heros. If they aren’t there is something wrong with Dayton. They play fast paced hooky pop songs somewhat in line with All’s pop hardcore style.” -FOE Magazine, Tampa, FL

“Good stuff! Will we be getting more? - WBWC, Berea, OH

“Kickin’! It’s got that raw Midwestern sound we really dig.” - WVSS, Menomonie, WI

“Nice rough sound – Vocalist need not change his voice at all – Perfection meets an Oxymoron in the larynx. Keep it up!” - WGMU, Fairfax, VA

“This one is really good!” - WPLS, Greenville, SC

“[The Oxymoron's] CD was great! I hope people check this out. I’m genuinely impressed” -KSPC, Claremont, CA


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