Songs About Drinking

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Songs About Drinking
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V/A - Songs About Drinking

This compilation was released by Too Many Records in 1992 in both a double vinyl LP and CD format. Coming in at 38 tracks this release featured a fairly wide range of bands all singing about that time honored tradition of drinking. The bands included Less Than Jake, Blank 77, The Fumes and The Oxymorons! The Oxymorons! track “Cheep Beer” can be found on their debut release from 1989 simply entitled The Oxymorons!

Track Listings:

Baba Booey – Baba Booey Messed Up
Sick N Tired – I’ll Drink To That
Elmer – Here’s To You
Pounded Clown – Red Eye
Less Than Jake – Liquor Store
The Independents – Beer Song
Lizards – Drunken Brawl
Patsy Cline & Plainfield – Miller Time
Big Comb – In My Glass I Swim
Hudson – Loaded
Nobodys – Hey Doofus
23 More Minutes – Beer & A Cigarette
The Oxymorons!* – Cheap Beer
Primitive Tribes – Searching Through The Couch For Change For Beer
Los Huevos – Dixie Fried
Pigweed – Free Beer
Tumwater Boys Choir – Spokain Warshington
VI Thompson Overdrive – Busch Pilot
Solid Statesmen – Never Underestimate The Power Of Free Beer
Tiki Men – Sixer
No KIll I – Traunya
Velvet Pelvis – He’s So Punk
Crusties – Beer Slob
Mata Ratos* – Expulsos Do Bar
Rights Reserved – Thanksgiving
Actionaries – Keystone Kopz
Shit Smell – Drunk Again
Mickey & The Big Mouths – Beer & Gear
Apostles On Strike – Schaefer Beer
Wretched Ones* – Pissed It All Away
Blanks 77 – Party Train
The Flies – The Queen’s Parade
Broken Toys – Hungover Again
Strawman – Wound Up
The Fumes – Muscle Cars, Rocker Chicks & Cigarettes
Motherload – Lilac City Rock N Roll Odyssey
Sea Pigs – Barfly
All You Can Eat – Rid The Demon Brew

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